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A kitten's journey to a forever home

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

When the time comes, our kittens will move to what should be their forever home. It is inevitable to feel a little sad when you let them go, after seeing them born, sometimes we even help them take their first breath, and feel that incomparable sense of relief upon hearing their first meow. That is why it is so important for us to pursue the certainty that each of our little bengals find not only the most loving and responsible family, but the right home for each one.

Camila & Julian finally meet Bagheera

Bagheera's new family

Our little Bagheera has been very lucky. From the moment we contacted Camila and Julian, we noticed their desire to share all their love with their first pet as a couple. They listened carefully to our recommendations and were always interested in learning more. The weeks passed, the anxiety grew, and also their efforts to better prepare themselves for the happy meeting with Bagheera was around the corner. The little girl waited in her carry bag, as if she knew that day she would be on perhaps the most important journey of her life. Camila and Julian arrive to our home to meet Bagheera for the first time after only been able to see her through photos and videos. In their minds, Bagheera looked much bigger. The little life they would have on their hands is more fragile than they imagined. A kitten of three and a half months can run, jump and play as the most intrepid adult, but it is still a vulnerable life that must be protected with extreme care and above all, they still have so much to learn. Camila and Julian must show her every corner of their new home. They must make her understand, with love, the safest places and those that are not so safe. Also, what is allowed and what is not. Bagheera will discover the most comfortable places to rest, and the games she most enjoys sharing with her new family. There are many new delights she will try, as well as many toys that still await her.

Bagheera resting at her new home

A proper experience

But the arrival to an unknown place is not always easy. Bringing a new pet home is a complex process that involves paying special attention to certain things that will make life easier for the new family member.

  1. Beware of your kitten's immune system: Cats are particularly sensitive to any changes. It may be difficult to distinguish in their daily behavior, but it does not take that much stress to affect our little one's immune system. This can be an open door for opportunistic diseases, which may not be as aggressive but which we can and should avoid. Probiotics will help us to prevent any unwanted illness.

  2. You must to be patient: each kitten is different. Some will get used to the new home very quickly and will want to explore right away. Others prefer the safety of their carry bag or some other corner where they feel protected. We cannot qualify any of these behaviors as adequate or not. There are no formulas. The main thing is to give them space to find the sense of security they need. Within a few days, they should identify their new home as a safe and loving place.

  3. Our role as an educator: from the moment of birth, our kittens begin a process of constant social learning. From childhood they get used to our caresses, the sound of our voice and our displays of affection. This process does not end on moving day, it must be reinforced and enriched by the new family. Each day will be a new opportunity to give them happy experiences; but it will also be an opportunity to make mistakes. Just as there is no manual for being a good parent, there is no manual for not making mistakes with our pets. But if your heart is in the right place, you always be in the right direction.

What you should never forget is that although our cubs leave the nest, none of them ceases to belong to our family. Our kitten's new families count on our unconditional and unlimited support. Camila and Julian, welcome to our big family.


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