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Why breeding?

Our journey as breeders began with Katarik Facundo, our first Bengal. He is a really big cat with such captivating green eyes. He arrived in our lives in 2016, and made us fall in love with the Bengal breed. Facundo has a unique personality, which includes an obsession with frequent long walks to the park and entertaining game sessions with his dog friends. He is just doing what a bengal does best: being a playful and caring friend who needs your attention and love like no other cat.

After a long time researching the breed, we decided to start a small home cattery in the search to share our experience with others. We also want to make a meaningful contribution to increasing the presence of quality silver Bengals in our region. Happiness is a constant pursuit for everybody, a breeder’s happiness comes with the constant pursuit of the cat of our dreams. This is not all about look, it is about breeding the best companion for everyone that is looking for a furry friend to share their joy with, and that can also help you to remain strong in times of adversity. Getting closer to this goal can take years, actually, it is impossible to achieve entirely which is not bad at all, just more entertaining!

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About Us: Sobre mi

We know breeding pets is not the most popular topic these days, but we believe we can help restore value to responsible breeding. While unethical breeding focuses on money, sometimes incurring serious animal abuse, a good breeder helps to create an increasingly healthy bloodline eliminating genetic issues as a result of breeding selection. A serious breeder must be registered in an international cattery association (TICA, CFA, WCF, etc) which all have strict ethical rules. Don’t ever trust one who isn’t. 

Also, you must remember breeds have similar physical and temperament characteristics which makes the task of choosing the right partner easier, as it helps weaken the abandoned pet overpopulation cycle. However, we support adoption as the powerful tool it is and we have great admiration for people who work in any kind of animal rescue.

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Eva & Uxie


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